How Duolith SD1 Ultra treats with shock wave combination therapy

Duolith SD1 Ultra combines several types of shock waves, namely: radial shock wave, focused shock wave, planar shock wave and V-actor technology (directional vibration therapy).

Each of these technologies has its own characteristics and indications for use. This allows you to effectively approach the treatment of many diseases, using several types of shock waves at once, for example, radial and focused, and V-actor technology.

The presence of a built-in ultrasound makes it possible to objectify the changes that occur in tissues due to the impact of a shock wave: vascularization, formation of bone mazole, elimination of calcifications in tendons and tissues. The presence of V-actor technology significantly expands the possibilities of applying the shock wave from sports medicine to neurology.

Duolith SD1 Ultra consists of several modules, like designers you can optionally use the necessary modules or combine them together.