New innovative radial shock wave applicator

New innovative radial shock wave applicator with touch control during the procedure using the Touch Touch Skin technology. This technology allows you not to spend impulses (strokes), in the absence of the necessary touch of the applicator on the skin. This allows you to completely and completely control the treatment […]

How Duolith SD1 Ultra treats with shock wave combination therapy

Duolith SD1 Ultra combines several types of shock waves, namely: radial shock wave, focused shock wave, planar shock wave and V-actor technology (directional vibration therapy). Each of these technologies has its own characteristics and indications for use. This allows you to effectively approach the treatment of many diseases, using several […]

High level of equipment quality SWT

Duolith SD1 Ultra is the best medical equipment for the treatment of shock wave therapy with the highest build quality. Of particular note is the focused shock wave with a constant, wide and adjustable energy range, an ergonomically adjustable focus area that penetrates deep into the tissue. Significant features of […]