Advantages Duolith SD1 Ultra

Equipment quality

Duolith SD1 Ultra – shock-wave apparatus, with the most innovative and comfortable applicators, is equipped with a Top View touchscreen with updated software, and has several modules. This makes it possible to choose between using the necessary module or combine them together.

Equipment versatility

Duolith SD1 Ultra is the first device that can carry out combination therapy, while not requiring specially equipped rooms. The device is very economical (250 watts), and is able to efficiently and autonomously work from any battery. Universal in connection.

Treatment effectiveness

Duolith SD1 Ultra is the first device that offers comfort on both sides. The device is easy to use for the doctor in the treatment process, and is convenient for the patient. This contributes to more effective procedures, and reduces their number, which means there is a faster recovery.

More details

Modules Duolith SD1 Ultra

Level 1

Control module and radial shock wave therapy module + ultrasound + V-actor therapy + Uacu-therapy.

Level 2

The control module and the module of focused shock wave therapy + ultrasound + C-actor therapy.

Level 3

Control module, R-SW module, F-SW module + ultrasound + V-actor therapy + C-actor therapy + Uacu-therapy.


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Customer reviews

Duolith SD1 Ultra is a first-class medical device for the treatment of shock wave therapy. Our clinic acquired the device with all its components quite recently, and we already have many positive reviews from our patients.


Bought Duolith SD1 Ultra a year ago. No problem. The device is stable, like a Swiss watch. Effective and practical. But there is a minus. You need to be trained to work with the device. Thanks to Nikolai Ivanovich for the free 3-day training.


Duolith SD1 Ultra during treatment

What is the superiority?

Duolith SD1 Ultra is an innovative therapeutic modular shock wave system with integrated ultrasound diagnostics. It combines the most progressive ideas with the latest technological developments in the modern world of medicine.

  • Top View Touchscreen
  • Ability to combine modules
  • Easy to replace parts
  • 2-3 times reduction in service costs
Modern design
Treatment control
The convenience of use
Attractive quality equipment


In 2015, the first in Ukraine mastered the urological Duolith sd1T-TOP “ultra”.

In 2016, our clinic entered the TOP-10 of Ukraine and received: rating gold in the nomination “Performance and profitability”.

10 years of experience with the Storz medical AG devices of the Masterpuls MP200 series.
The first clinic in Ukraine with five years of combined UVT experience according to international standards.

The only clinic in Ukraine since 2012 operating on a professional-grade device Duolith SD1 TOWER fully equipped.

13 doctors of Ukraine, 1 from Kazakhstan, 1 from Belarus, were trained in shock wave therapy.

We provide the best training to all buyers of Storz Medical devices.
We will share the experience of treating more than 100 diseases.


  1. Teninopathies
  2. Enthesopathies
  3. Bone fractures
  4. Plantar fasciitis with heel spur
  5. Plantar fasciitis without calcaneal spur


  1. Pseudoarthrosis
  2. Sports injuries
  3. Shoulder calcification tendonitis
  4. Arthrosis of joints 1-3 stages
  5. Slow Fracture Consolidation


  1. Metatarsalgia
  2. Hallux Valgus
  3. Bursitis and synovitis
  4. Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head
  5. Aseptic necrosis of the femoral condyles

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How Duolith SD1 Ultra treats with shock wave combination therapy

Duolith SD1 Ultra combines several types of shock waves, namely: radial shock wave, focused shock wave, planar shock wave and V-actor technology (directional vibration therapy). Each of these technologies has its own characteristics and indications for use. This allows you to effectively approach the treatment of many diseases, using several […]

High level of equipment quality SWT

Duolith SD1 Ultra is the best medical equipment for the treatment of shock wave therapy with the highest build quality. Of particular note is the focused shock wave with a constant, wide and adjustable energy range, an ergonomically adjustable focus area that penetrates deep into the tissue. Significant features of […]

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1 year warranty + delivery in Georgia up to 30 days

In the presence of all accessories + 12 nozzles and applicators

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